Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack Review ⚠️Worth It or Not?

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PLR Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack, …with Editable Text in Canva, Allow You to Personalize the Children and Sender Name and the Personal Gift Message… You Can Sell It Your Own Within Minutes of Downloading It!
PLUS… You also get “Build-Your-Own” Story Modules with 198 files so You Can Create and Sell Your Own Version of Fairy Children Story Book.

Overview Of Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack Review!

Product name Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack
Author/Vendor pixelcrafter
Launch Date 2023-Jun-20
Official Website VISIT HERE
Front-End Price $47.22 (one-time payment)
Refund No
Skill All Levels
Niche PLR
Recommend Highly Recommend!
Rating 9.2/10

Why You Should Get This?

36 pages of beautiful children’s Fairy story.

Editable children’s names.

Editable sender name.

Personal Gift Message.

21×25 cm.

Build-your-own story modules with 198 files so you can create and sell your own version of Fairy Children Story Book.

Comes with a PLR license.

What You Will Get on this Personalized Fairy Children Review ?

Module #1.
Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack

You will get a PDF file containing a Canva link to the 36 pages of the Fairy Children story pack which you can use/import into your Canva account (free account) and modify further.
File format: Canva
Size: 21x25cm

Module #2.
Build-Your-Own Module #1 – Full-Color Transparent Character

You get 77 files of Transparent Characters.
File format: PNG

Module #3.
Build-Your-Own Module #2 – Full-Color Transparent Items

You get 47 files of Transparent Items.
File format: PNG

Module #4.
Build-Your-Own module #3 – Full-Color Background

You get 74 background files.
File format: PNG

Module #5.
PDF Guide – How to Modify the Text of Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack in Canva

You get the PDF guide to show you the steps to modify the
text of the Personalized Fairy Children Story Pack in Canva.
File format: PDF

Module #6.
PDF Guide – How to Use the Build-Your-Own Modules in Canva

You get the PDF Guide to show you how to use
the Build-Your-Own modules in Canva
File format: PDF

now talking about some questions and answers!

Questions 1. Can get a refund after purchase?

answers: Due to the digital nature of our products, all sales are final. No Refunds will be given. To help you make your purchase decision we are including the screenshots of every template on the sales page so there is no mystery as to what you’re getting. If you are not sure please ask before purchasing by opening a ticket on our support desk.

questions 2. Private Label Rights Details?

answers: [YES] Sell the end product/s.
[YES] Giveaway the end product/s for free to build your list.
[YES] Edit/change as you want to create your own products.

[NO] CANNOT Sell the source files (SVG, Canva). [NO] CANNOT Give away and/or share the source files for free (SVG, Canva).
[NO] CANNOT Claim copyright to these graphics.
[NO] CANNOT Use our name on the product.

questions 3. How do I access my purchase?

answers: We use a secure member area to deliver your download. After purchasing our products, you can log in to the member area. On the members’ homepage, you can find complete instructions to access your purchase.

You will have 30 days (after the product purchase date) to access the member area and to download each product. Therefore you are expected to download the products as soon as possible after purchasing each product to avoid this product download expiry.

questions 4. Do you provide any training?

answers: We will provide training on how to insert the children’s name and the gift message and how to use the build-your-own modules using Canva.

questions 5. Are there any upsells?

answers: Yes there are two upsells but these are optional. You can use this bundle as a stand-alone product.

questions 6. How much will I make with this?

answers: We cannot guarantee how much money you will make.

questions 7. do I need to modify this personalized children’s story pack before I can start selling?

You simply need to insert the children’s name and/or the personalized message and compile it into PDF. You are not allowed to sell and/or giveaway the source files (*SVG, Canva).

now taking about what is my opinion?

as a better test ai personally says that the Personalized Fairy Children is an investment that is absolutely worth it. because if you are writing a child’s book this PLR helps you to draw and many things to grow like a big publisher and its Etsy sellers, online shops like Amazon, and many places from owners, and Story Book lovers,

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