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Welcome to this AlCourseSite Review and my review blog. Emon here to preview the materials on AlCourseSite. Let me make everything about this app obvious.

The author of the product is Rick Nguyen. He is an expert in websites. This AICourseSite is dedicated to e-learning platforms like Udemy and Fiverr and affiliate websites.

1-click first-to-market An app powered by ChatGPT can quickly and easily build DFY online course affiliate websites with 185,000+ courses.

You may build your affiliate website with ChatGPT and then simply change the affiliate links inside the content. On the other hand, Udedy and Fiverr both allow you to construct online e-Learning courses. It’s all taken care of for you.

You can achieve greater outcomes for making money online if you use AlCourseSite correctly.

Don’t make a purchase until you’ve read my comprehensive AlCourseSite review. I’m hoping you’ll have the best feedback on this app.

Overview of AICourseSite Review

Product name AICourseSite
Author/vendor Rick NG
Official website VISIT HERE
Launch date 2023-Aug-15
Fron-End-Price $17
Bonuses YES Related Bonuses
Refund 30-day money-back guarantee
Support Effective Response
Skill All levels
Recommend Highly Recommended!
Rating 8.8 Out of 10

Why Aicoursesite is demandable?

A majority of employees who left their jobs in 2021 and 2022 cited low income, a lack of possibilities for promotion, and a feeling of contempt at work as reasons for their departure.

These individuals want to reinvent and better themselves. They want to take online courses to improve their skills. More people are enrolling in online courses, which is encouraging.

Another raging trend is the explosive growth of the affiliate marketing sector, which has a global market value of well over $12 billion and over 170 million transactions globally.

Can you imagine the potential profit from combining the two?

Yes. This is a brand-new and in-demand opportunity that offers two methods to make money. They are both automatic and completed for you. Don’t pass up this opportunity to acquire results online.

Good + Bad Sides of Aicoursesite

The cornerstone of online marketing is CONTENT. You can drive traffic and make sales if you can create content. This AlCourseSite offers two ways for you to generate pre-written content.

Let’s examine the GOOD and BAD aspects of the AICourse Site now. I’ve seen this firsthand and am sharing my 11 years of professional expertise here:


  1. There are two approaches to produce original material.

-build a website to promote affiliate products

-Build an online course for e-learning to sell on Udemy and Fiverr.

  1. There are two ways to earn money. Selling courses and affiliate marketing.
  2. ChatGPT enables you to produce well-liked original material quickly—in just 60 seconds—and without any effort.
  3. Instantly load 185,000+ e-Learning courses across 200+ categories when you create a site with only one click (your affiliate link is automatically embedded).
  4. Totally mobile-friendly and hosted on a dependable cloud server. Pay once and receive unlimited profits for the rest of time.
  5. Create a course affiliate website using just a “Point-n-Click” without going through endless coaching and training.
  6. You can look for new chances and future-proof your talents.
  7. Your affiliate link is immediately inserted in every course. So, you receive payment right away.
  8. A 30-day, 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. AlCourseSite is thus worth the $17 it costs.


  1. It takes some time for this kind of affiliate to rank on Google.
  2. You must buy the additional 4 OTOS in order to access all features and have everything completed for you.

I’m done now. You must achieve better results than ever before if you use this App flawlessly.

What You Can Do With AICourseSite Review?

200+ Categories, 185,000+ Done-For-You e-Learning Courses:

Easy To Choose Done-For-You Blog For Your Course Affiliate Site e-Learning Courses From 200+ Categories That Are Done-For-You. Once any campaign is published, your affiliate links are automatically embedded in the selected courses.

Blog That Is Done For You For Your Course Affiliate Site

Create original and pertinent blog content for your book affiliate sites automatically. AlBookSite drip-feeds daily original content to your site using a DFY Blog Builder with a Built-In ChatGPT. Once your campaign begins, these blog posts are automatically drip-fed each day.

Earn Affiliate Commissions By Marketing 185,000 Courses in More Than 200 Categories

Earn Commissions From 185,000 e-Learning Courses On A Single Affiliate Site Automatically.

Receive Immediately Approval For Promoting E-Learning Courses From More Than 100 Course Categories

If you are a beginner and lack an affiliate account, don’t worry; we have tutorials that will show you how to quickly approve more than 185,000 e-learning courses.

AICourseSite Review

Functions on Windows, Mac, and Smartphones

Any gadget you want, as long as it’s linked to the internet, will function with this bad boy. Its web-based nature explains why.

Establish A Pop-Up On Your Course Affiliate Website

Install a nice popup on the affiliate website for your course, and it will automatically add leads to your autoresponder.

Put a Facebook comment box and live chat on your course website to boost conversion:

Utilize Facebook Comment Box and Live Chat to communicate with visitors to your course website.

Add Facebook Pixel with Google Pixel

Retargeting users who visited your course website using Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel will help you increase your revenue.

Configure Push Notifications For Your Website

One-Click registers a new user for the app and then immediately alerts users to new courses on their desktops.

Send Daily New Courses By Auto-Response To Your Emails

We record leads to the site inside the app in addition to sending fresh leads to your autoresponder via popups, and we’ll automatically send new courses to these leads in accordance with your timetable.

Automatically Add 25,000 Fiverr Jobs + 20,000 Clickbank Products to Your Course Affiliate Website

By including 20,000 ClickBank Products and 25,000 Fiverr Gigs on your website, you can increase revenue.

Using this agency dashboard, create AlCourseSite accounts for your clients.

Utilize Our Award-Winning TrafficMaker Software To Generate Abundant Traffic To Your Website Create a Successful Agency Business You can essentially create a new AlCourse Site account for your clients in a matter of seconds by using Our Agency Dashboard.

Utilize Our Award-Winning TrafficMaker Software To Generate Abundant Traffic To Your Website

Your purchase will have a covert traffic maker program loaded that will send avalanche-targeted customers to your course affiliate websites.

How Does This App Work? AICourseSite Review

You need only 3 clicks to launch a fully automated course affiliate website and start earning INSANE PROFITS…

First, sign in.

Cloud-based application to AICourse Site

Second: Enter

Your Site Name plus Your Niche Course of Choice

Step 3: Look at

In less than 60 seconds, the app instantly creates a fully automated course affiliate website. Your affiliate link is automatically embedded in every online course… So you are immediately paid.

Final Thought on AICourseSite Review

AlCourseSite is highly recommended, in my opinion.

You are throwing away a ton of money if you haven’t thought about creating your own course affiliate website. This is your final opportunity to obtain AICourseSite.

I’m here to mentor you on how to succeed as an online marketer so that I may establish credibility.

-]For people who desire to advance their business, there is an AlCourseSite App available.

For people who don’t want to throw away money…

  • Those that choose to approach this as a true business…

You require this AlCourse Site App if any of those three statements apply to you.

AICoursesite Funnel-AICoursesite Review

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